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Halfway to Halloween

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We have 2 Special Halfway to Halloween dates for Field of Terror this spring on Friday May 3rd and Saturday May 4th! 8pm - 10:45pm

We will have only 1 ticket price which will include all 3 attractions for $39 (online price only). There will be a limited number of tickets available for on-site purchase for $45 (cash or credit card).
There will be no Haunted Hayride or Killer Kornfield.  The 3 attractions will include the Trail of Terror, a walking attraction thru the fields and wooded trail and the 2 haunted houses, Timmery Manor and the Karnival.

We will be selling tickets online and in person.  Online ticket holders will be guaranteed entry to the farm at their chosen time. In person tickets may be limited if we sell out since this is a special 2-night event.  If we have tickets available for on site purchase you will be able to pay with cash or credit card upon arrival.  Each ticket is valid for the day and time you choose.We will be using timed ticketing again due to recommendations to help control the number of people gathering at a given time.  Please show up 10-15 minutes before your ticket time. 

No refunds unless we cancel for weather!!
We will fight chargebacks!

You may either print your tickets or simply show us your tickets on your smartphone.  
It is highly recommended that you SCREENSHOT your tickets before arriving because cell service is sometimes poor at the farm.

In an effort to promote safety of both our patrons and employees, Field of Terror will  have METAL DETECTORS which everyone entering the property will have to pass through.  Please leave all pocket knives and tools or other metal objects at home or in your car!  Thanks in advance!
We will be given a printed ticket for this special event.  You will not be able to use tokens from prior seasons for this event, but you will be able to use them again in the fall. . We appreciate your patience since this is a new experience running these attractions at a different time of year.  If this is successful we hope to offer other unique events. We are doing our best to operate a safe and enjoyable atmosphere at our farm for some Halloween fun in Springtime!

In the event we have to close because of rain, you will receive an email to reschedule/refund your tickets.  There are NO REFUNDS for any other reason except cancellation due to weather.

The Unknown Barn
Timmery Manor
Creepy Carnival Paintball Ride

Halfway to Halloween Triple Pass:

Triple Pass $39
This pass will grant you access to all 3 attractions that will be open for this Special Spring Event.

This ticket is available in combination with your ticket to upgrade to VIP.

Buy Tickets to Field of Terror

VIP: VIP tickets put you in a shorter line, reducing the wait times compared to the general admission tickets.
Thursday and Sunday nights are less crowded and we encourage you to take advantage of these days .
As always our Parking is FREE

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