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Field of Terror Ticket Windows close at 10:45 on Fridays and Saturdays and 9:45 on Sundays and select Thursdays.  The attractions remain open for approximately 2 hours after we stop letting people in.  Fridays and Saturdays the farm closes at approximately 1am and on Sundays and Thursdays we will close the attractions at midnight.

Killer Kornfield
Haunted Hayride to Terror Town
The Unknown Barn
Timmery Manor
Creepy Carnival Paintball Ride

Cost for Field of Terror Attractions:

Single Pass $20
Entrance into Any One Attraction

Double Pass $35
Choose Any Two Attractions

Triple Pass $45
Choose Any Three Attractions

Quad Pass $50
Choose Any Four Attractions

Quint  Pass $65
Choose Any Five Attractions

VIP upgrade for any pass $30 per person. Every person in the group must purchase the VIP upgrade to get in the VIP lines.

Buy Tickets to Field of Terror

VIP: VIP tickets put you in a shorter line, reducing the wait times compared to the general admission tickets.
Thursday and Sunday nights are less crowded and we encourage you to take advantage of these days .
As always our Parking is FREE

831 Windsor-Perrineville Rd East Windsor, NJ 08520

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